oneword a day

writing 3 thoughts about one word a day.


i am not positively positive about many things, but i am about something that will be happening tomorrow. it’s something i’ve been nervous and scared to do, and it just so happens that it will be happening on 11/11/11 AT 11 AM! it’s going to be good. 

i hate thinking about positive pertaining to charges on atoms, so i won’t.

i like thinking about positive pertaining to positivity and optimism! whew! 


my father has many patents! he is a smart man. i hope to have a patent one day. 

i would patent a microwave that you could put metal into, because i mean how many times have you tried to microwave a can of soup? a can of corn? (yes, i know corn on the cob is better) or perhaps a can of beets? (kidding, that would be just dreadful!)

although i am not an engineer or an inventor or a scientist, i hope i can patent something someday. today, all i have to patent are my words and my thoughts but those are to share! who would patent those? 


fifth avenue! i love you. shopping, and just the other day i was thinking about the h&m on 5th. i love walking down fifth because theres always so many people. so many more than there already are everywhere in manhattan i guess.

my best friend lived on an avenue, but we’re not friends anymore. not by choice.

i live on an avenue now too, but its not as classy as the avenues at home. this one is actually a huge busy fucking street. not an avenue. everything is classer on the east coast-best coast.


offer me chinese food right now, i wont say no.

i will offer you some lo mein.

because i dont like lo mein.


o0o this is an eerie one. mist reminds me of halloween and of people jumping out of bushes and out of the mist into your face and yelling BOOOOO. and candy. and fog machines which did you know some people are allergic to?

 mist reminds of dew, and i hate that word. when i was little these two little blonde brothers lived on my street and one of them spoke like a girl and one day he spoke about DEW on his front yard and it made me all tingly and ive hated the word since. blech

mist at concerts when youre sweating your tits off and then they use the mist machine…!! best feeling ever. or when youre really hot and you just want a mist machine to go to bed. i really wanna go to bed right now, i am so exhausted. mmm i could use some mist. i am delerious. this is over.


chance is a funny one, because its so abstract. i ended up here, in boulder colorado, maybe by chance. because by chance, i didnt get into my first choice schools but by chance, i got into here. i met my friends here by chance.

by chance,  i found tumblr and made this. by chance, i found oneword and decided to make this a tumblr about one word a day.

by chance, i might end up in manhattan this summer. i might find a major i love by chance, a boy i love by chance, i might get a job if they give me a chance. i hope that by chance, im happy.


secretary AFFAIRS. what else do you think of when you hear secretary?

my mothers secretary was a bitch. my mom said she was the best damn bitchy secretary she’d ever had. she was rude to me. i was 10.

i wouldnt mind a secretary job. unfortunately, neither would 90% of the female population so a secretary job is difficult to come by. maybe a dental office secretary; i feel like i have the teeth for it. anyone looking for a secretary?


the first thing i think of is the destruction from 911, because im watching a documentary of niki minaj and she moved to nyc when she was five. so i think of the destruction of the twin towers.

i think of the destruction of my gpa when i failed so many physiology courses last semester. and possibly the destruction of post grad admissions.

i dont like destruction much. i dont know many people who do, but i dont like thinking or writing about it. positivity ftw.


i never liked physics. f=ma is nothing i ever intend to use again. i thought i liked physics, that is, until i failed it. now its just like a boy with a bebe gun; i don’t want to encounter it again.

don’t be forceful upon me. don’t make me do things that i don’t want to do. yet secretly force me to pursue my passions that i don’t even know i have so that someday i will be a great. i will be great at something. i don’t want an average life, my mother always said “tara, be anything but average. be anything but ordinary” and so i will try. just don’t force me.

you know that feeling when you stick your hand into a barrel of rice or beans? its like forcing and smushing pasta or dough through a pasta maker. its just one of those things.